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Whether you're a small business or a Fortune 500, Field iD has range of options designed to suit your safety and compliance needs. We have an assortment of user types and functional modules that can be combined to best service your business. Please complete the small information form and we will begin assembling a quote for you immediately.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cost of Field iD?

As the size and scope of a Field iD deployment changes, so does the price. By determining the number of users, locations, and LO/TO procedures needed, the appropriate custom-tailored offer will be provided. For a pricing structure giving you all the services you want, without having to pay for those you do not, make sure to fill out the information form above.

How long does it take to implement/train?

The length of time needed for a complete implementation is dependent on a number of factors. Are you a one-man team operating from a single location? If so, getting up-and-running with Field iD will differ from an organization with users across multiple work sites. In general, however, a complete training and implementation can take an average of four to 6 weeks. Have a big project upcoming and want Field iD involved? Our Customer Success Team will work closely with you to make sure the system is properly deployed on time.

What industries/verticals do you serve?

In short, if safety is a priority in your industry, we serve it. Through our creation of a completely customizable safety solution, we ensure the varying inspection and compliance needs of every industry are met. From automotive to food & beverage, construction to hospitality, rigging to oil & gas, the demands of your safety program can be met through Field iD.

How customizable is the system?

While safety is a common concern among all industries, approaches taken for those concerns can differ drastically. As such, Field iD is completely customizable to meet your specific needs. Regardless of the structure of your inspections, Field iD allows you to input your existing processes in the system and conduct your audits with ease. Accommodation for pre-set or dynamic answers, pictures, corrective actions, and instructional notes for each section of your inspections is a small fraction of the many ways Field iD can be customized for you.

What hardware do I need?

In order to benefit from the mobile capabilities of Field iD, devices using the Apple or Android operating system have to be used. You can access Field iD mobile version by downloading the app through iTunes or the android Playstore.

Where does my data go?

In order to provide a comprehensive safety management system, Field iD recognizes the importance that data collected remains accurate, accessible, and confidential. Field iD acts as a Software-as-a-Service, meaning the information collected during an inspection becomes immediately accessible through the internet. This provides a huge benefit to clients, as not only is the information more readily available, but they do not have to work at building and maintaining a system to store the data. To ensure the security of the data, it is stored through Rackspace Ltd, a company specializing in secure data hosting. Ownership and agency over the information remains with the client, and it can be accessed and exported whenever needed.

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